07 April 2011

I'll Be Waiting on the Other Side

Photos from Portsmouth but no post as: a) it is 5:07AM and I have been up since 4:30AM; b) I have to leave at 5:30AM (and am not dressed); and c) I am headed to EDINBURGH today!!!! 

HMS Warrior - iron-clad from 1860

Henry VIII in the Mary Rose Exhibition

Cannon recovered from the wreck of the Mary Rose

Costume of Jane Seymour from the series, The Tudors. There is a 17-inch waist on that dress?!!

Vice-Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson: accurate representation down to height (5'5) and facial reconstruction.

Figurehead from the HMS Bellerophon, which kicked French ass for over 40 years

HMS Victory

HMS Victory

HMS Victory

Nelson's Sleeping Quarters

On board the HMS Victory

It was an impressive ship, ok?

Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral

The Seaside - view towards the Isle of Wight

Proof: I was in Portsmouth

View from the Square Tower to the Round Tower

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