26 March 2011

Just Do It

As the title of this post suggests, the theme of today is 'Just Do It'. Much like the Nike ads. After spending the past few days moaning about my knees (in pain), fatigue, exhaustion (all symptoms of over-training syndrome) and generally dreading the 20-miler that I had to do...I finally got off my ass and did it. Was this the wisest thing to do? Probably not since there is a good chance that it will make my knees worse and exacerbate my pre-existing symptoms. But then again, when have I ever pretended to be wise? I can't help it if other people assume that I must possess some semblance of intelligence and common sense. It must be because I wear glasses. :)

Anyway, my first 20-miler is done. Conquered? Not so much. The last mile and a half was an absolute pain in the butt (to put it mildly). It felt as if it took forever to cover that distance and every time that I glanced at my Garmin readout, the numbers had barely moved. Excruciating, but it's done. Next week is 15 miles, the week after is the Edinburgh Half Marathon, and then I'll probably do one more 20-miler in April. Not the 17th though - that's the London Marathon and the city center is going to be absolutely crazy! I'm volunteering with WaterAid for the event.

The downside of these long runs is that they leave me with absolutely no desire to move for the rest of the day. My legs feel like jello and, at 6:30, I began looking longingly at my bed. Trying to make it until 9:30 so that I won't feel so much like I'm 100.

In other news: Oxford won the 157th Oxford v. Cambridge Boat Race today (Didn't get to see it unfortunately due to the fact that I didn't much care to navigate through the 250,000 people who descended upon Westminster to protest the budget cuts) - the rightful order of the universe has been restored. And tomorrow I will once again return to being 5 hours ahead of Washington DC time as British Summer Time begins.

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