07 March 2011

I Can't Tell You Something That Ain't Real

After a crazy weekend where I proved that despite almost having completed my master's degree, I am still completely hopeless when it comes to navigating bus transit systems (be it here in the UK or home in DC), I finally had a moment today to breathe and plan my travels for the rest of term. I haven't booked tickets yet because I am still trying to figure out how I am going to fit my marathon training schedule into this scheme, but hope to have everything sorted by tomorrow. The main problem is the long runs: I usually have to map them out in advance because simply stepping out my door and running for X miles without a set destination/route does not work well for my psyche. I hit the double digits and begin to panic. Traveling does not exactly allow for the luxury of mapping out routes beforehand. 

Anyway, the game plan is thus:

April: (Although how I am going to travel and manage 2 20-milers is beyond me.) 

1. Edinburgh, Scotland (for the Edinburgh Half Marathon)
 2. Spain (Seville and Malaga)
3. Oslo, Norway

May/June: (depending on when my exams are - I won't know until March 23rd)
1. Paris, France
2. Prague, Czech Republic

I really hope all of this plays out as I hope because it would be incredibly exciting to get a bit of traveling in before I head home to start real life. 


  1. Maybe you can simply adopt the "walking" strategy and simply walk 20+ miles a day in each of those cities.

  2. Great picks! Though I'm surprised you didn't put Germany.