17 February 2011

Thursday Night Dance Party

I've somehow managed to run 20 miles in the past 2 days. Go figure. No more running for me until Saturday's long run of 15 miles. Knowing my luck, I'll somehow manage to injure myself and have to pull out of the Edinburgh half which, considering that my tickets arrived today, would be rather disappointing.

In other news, there appears to be a dance party going on in the room next to mine. I was just attacked by a bottle of water that was vibrated off my shelf and on to my head by the sheer volume of the music.

From the sound of it, I am imagining a scene much like this:
However, considering that this is a student halls and the people I live with are first year undergrads, the reality is probably far more similar to the following:
Still, the pounding bass driving the club-worthy beats offers a nice contrast to the rather depressing reading material I've been focusing on for the past two hours: rape as a weapon of war. It is times like these when I feel that perhaps I should have chosen to study the psychology of happiness or laughter - something more cheery.

It is strange to think that graduate school is winding to a close. I have 6 more weeks of classes after this, a month and a half of spring break/exam preparation, 2 exams, and then that is it. I'll do my dissertation at home over the summer, but that will be according to my own schedule rather than one set for me. The hardest part will be over and once the dissertation is handed in (mailed in, actually) then the real world beckons. And what then? It seems less and less likely that I will move to the Isle of Mull to become a horse farmer and tour coach driver (although the idea remains appealing on days when I am feeling particularly pessimistic about my future career options). Or perhaps I could petition the Scottish Government to re-open the weather observatory on the top of Ben Nevis. It closed in 1904 because no one could really be bothered to live on top of the mountain, but give me access to a space heater and a steady supply of Diet Coke and I imagine that I could get on quite well up there. It can't be that hard to measure the weather.
Future home sweet home?
Upcoming Events:
Wed., 23 Feb: Final XC race at Brunel, Uxbridge
Fri., 25 Feb: OSINT essay 2 due
Sat., 26 Feb: Hyde Park Relays
Thurs., 3 March: Last presentation in Middle East class
Wed., 9 March: Teddy Hall Relays in Oxford!
Sat., 12 March: 20 mile run (Ugh. There me thought of this freaks me out.)
Sun., 13 March: DAD COMES!

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