18 February 2011

I Wish You Best of Luck

Good news: A new dissertation topic is almost within my reach. I will not disclose the exact nature of my research just yet, but will say that it is non-plague related. Crazy, I know. I figured that after 12 years of researching the plague and Black Death in various capacities, it was time to move on. And believe me, I tried to find a way to incorporate the topic of epidemic diseases into an International Relations dissertation, but to no avail. (Past readers of this blog will know that I first researched the plague for a report in 5th grade and have written every 'free topic' research paper on it since then, culminating in my 100-page undergraduate thesis 'Living Truths in Dying Times: A Social Examination of Plague in Early Modern England').

This is not to say that I am giving it up entirely. I will always hold a soft spot for the topic in my heart (a bit macabre, I know) and may perhaps research it on my own. I will admit that I am a bit of an Ernest Gilman and Samuel Cohn Jr. groupie. I am always on the lookout for a plague-related history conference to attend. I am still a bit bummed that I missed out on this gem:
 From the report I read, not only was Klaus Bergdolt there, but so was Vivian Nutton. Be still my historian's heart! I'm sure a great time was had by all. (Take home message: if you hear of a plague-related conference in the near future, let me know! I'll whip up a paper to submit in no time!)

Now that my history nerdiness has been exposed...

BETTER NEWS: My little brother, John, was accepted into Towson University yesterday!!!
John in his normal everyday attire. Just chillin' with the Towson Tiger. NBD.
It was his first choice school, and he will be transferring from Howard Community College to complete his degree in some sort of technology-related subject. I am not exactly tech-savy so the mere name his major is enough to send me spiraling into confusion, which is why I can't recall what exactly he is majoring in. Anyway, I am very, very proud of him because I know how hard he has worked over the past two years at HCC and throughout high school. Way to go Johnny!!!!

We love each other...really
(And if you are wondering how long it took me to make that wonderful picture celebrating John's educational success - an unnecessary amount. But no sacrifice of time is too great for my little brother. One day he will look back on all of this and say 'Wow, she was a pretty good sister. Who else would give up their {valuable} time to make rudimentary PaintShop pictures for their brother?')

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