19 April 2010

I wish the weather in Maryland would stay consistent for two days in a row. Yesterday it was ridiculously hot; today, I'm freezing (which, as I am aware, is not particularly unusual for me, but I am trying to prove a point at the moment.) I can be grateful, however, for the fact that it did not get ridiculously hot until mid-afternoon yesterday. In the morning I ran in the Run for Hospice 5k race in Leonardtown, Maryland. My roommate, Karen, suitemate Chris, and boyfriend Drew woke up at the buttcrack of dawn (which for college students is 8am) to accompany me to my race. I am so grateful that they did because I experienced a pollen-induced asthma attack at mile 2 and was seriously considering walking/stopping/dropping dead shortly before I saw the sign for mile 3. It was the thought that everyone (including myself) would be severely disappointed if I didn't finish that motivated me to round the final corner and sprint to the finish line. I finished at a personal best of 23:08, thus placing me 2nd in my age category (females 20-29) and 7th amongst the women overall. ('But Rebecca,' you might say, 'this seems highly implausible considering that it is you'. Well, check it out: http://www.runforhospice.org/wp-content/uploads/2010_5k_awards.txt).

More later.

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