31 August 2009

Move-in went well. Living out of suitcases for the past year has really helped me to narrow down exactly what I need in the course of daily living. Gone are the days when I brought seven pairs of rowing spandex for those emergency rowing scenarios (which I can't imagine ever arising). As a result, my father and I hardly taxed ourselves taking things out of the van and Old Blue up into the flat. It was a nice change.

St. Mary's is as rural and humid as ever. I had forgotten how hot and humid it gets down here by the water and have been dying each moment that I am forced to venture outside. On the other hand, Waring Commons (where I live) seems to have its own climate and as I write this I am bundled in my winter coat. I wouldn't be surprised if I wake up tomorrow and find ice in my water bottle. My flat is lovely. It is on the second floor in the back quad of houses, close to the forest. My flatmates (for I refuse them to call them my 'suitemates') and I spent yesterday hanging Ashleigh's oil paintings in the common room and making plans to make it more comfortable.

Karen and my's room is decently sized (although nothing compared to the palatial room I had in Edinburgh). I decided to take the initiative this year and actually decorate my side. I had planned to opt for a classy and sophisticated look, but somehow seem to have paid homage to the UK/the world in general. Still, anything is better than the drab white walls. I will post pictures at some point as I imagine that Mum and my relatives might be interested.

Today was spent emailing my advisers and finding more sources for my dissertation meeting on Thursday. I looked absolutely mental emerging from the library with a stack of ten books teetering in my arms and weaving my way through the crowds of young, naive, and idealistic freshman organized into their orientation groups down by St. John's pond. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. And so the Jacobites and I spent some quality time together this afternoon before I gave up in favor of going to Christian's birthday dinner at Monterey's.

I had planned hitting up the gym tomorrow morning before classes begin, but my plans have been thwarted by the phenomenon known as 'rush week' at the campus store. Tomorrow, everyone imaginable will be attempting to buy books and school supplies. As such, they need all available staff on hand. And I, while sleep-deprived, decided to volunteer to assist. So my schedule will be as follows:

7:00-10:30AM: Working rush at bookstore
10:40-11:50AM: Politics of the Middle East
12:00-1:00: Lunch with Karen
1:20-2:30: Politics of Terrorism
2:40-4:30: Historiography
4:30-5:00: Dinner
5:00-8:00PM: Working rush at bookstore
9:00-10:00PM: Running at track

Shower and bed will follow in preparation of getting up for work at 7:30 and my first forays at the archaeological lab.

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