27 August 2009

'In three days I'll be outta here and it's not a day too soon'

Suitcases packed? Checked.
Books bought? Checked.
Bike brakes fixed? Checked (er...not really. But this will be done! I can't go round riding a brake-less bicycle for another year.)
Emotionally and mentally prepared to go back to school? Checked and checked.

As much as I complained about not having had a break from school work since August 2007, I realized this summer that I miss it when I actually have some semblance of free time (although I don't know if the few hours I had to myself this summer could actually count as true free time). I missed the constant stress of having to meet deadlines and reading ridiculous amounts of material. I having a sneaking suspicion that Brad was correct in saying that I live my life on the brink of chaos. During the school year, I am always on the verge of the breaking point. Of course, this is also when I produce my best work.

As nice as the break was, I am ready to get back to work. The Jacobites have been severely neglected since I left spring break in Oxford and I will definitely need to pick up the slack upon my return to school. That said, I don't think that this year will be as hard as last. More filled with things to do and places to be, but not harder in terms of workload or expectations. I am taking five 'classes' (1 History, 2 Politics, 1 Anthropology/Lab Practicum, and a senior dissertation) and will be spending most of my time in Kent Hall. The rest of my time will be spent working at the bookstore, serving as an international ambassador, helping to run our school's chapter of Amnesty International, and running. I had hoped to return to rowing or equestrian team this semester, but it looks like this will be unlikely.

In other news, Cambridge posted the 2010-11 application online, which led to about five minutes of nervous/excited yelling to my brother and then two minutes of hyperventilating. It is one thing to be applying to these grand universities in theory (i.e. in the future), but once the application is posted and a deadline set...well, it makes it all a bit more real. Cue nervous stress now. I know that I shouldn't get myself worked up over this, but let's face facts: this is me we are talking about. Of course I am going to get worked up and stressed over this. Hopefully, this will enable me to produce the best application that I can. We shall see.

My next post will be coming from St. Mary's City, MD. This is my last move until May 2010. It will be the longest that I have stayed in any one place for a while now and I expect that I shall get a bit stir crazy (as is often the case) come November. So a road trip might be in order...

Next post: The Jacobites. Who were they? Why were they important? Why should YOU care? (And you should!) HINT: 'Jacobites' is not a disease.

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