31 October 2010

Despite the fact that the past two days have been filled with a combination of running (7 miles yesterday and 5 miles today - in the pouring rain), and studying IR theories and Open Source intelligence, there have been a few excellent moments to qualify these as 'decidedly good days'.

First and foremost has to do with the above picture. See those beautiful flowers? Those are currently sitting on my desk. And no, I did not buy them for myself. In order to celebrate the one year anniversary of our meeting at Hallowgreens (October 31st) and our 10 month anniversary as a couple (on Tuesday), my wonderful/amazing/superb/fantastic/thoughtful/caring/charming/*insert other superlatives here* boyfriend surprised me and had them delivered to my flat in London. (For those who haven't caught on, my boyfriend still lives in the US, meaning that this entire operation was no easy matter). I was so surprised and touched!!! I'm not a flower person normally (as in, I don't actively go out and buy flowers/wish to spend lengthy periods of time in gardens), but I LOVE it when I receive them. And these flowers both look fantastic and smell wonderful. I am so lucky to have him in my life, and can honestly say that the past 365 days since I met him have been extraordinary.

The second event to qualify this weekend as 'decidedly good' falls much lower down the totem pole in terms of importance, but is still an exciting discovery. What is this? Savory oatmeal. I had always considered oatmeal to be a breakfast dish, but this is not so! Tonight, dinner was oatmeal with asparagus, zucchini, garlic, and cheese. Absolutely delicious, although I am so stuffed that I may never need to eat again.

Yup...exciting times in the life of Rebecca.

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