16 July 2010

"Oh my gosh, I'm so in love, I found you finally"

WEek 6 is done. 4 more to go! 28 days until I see my parents, brother, animals, and boyfriend!!!!

Upcoming events:
Saturday, July 17: 10-mile run to the ends of the earth. Not quite, but this is what it seems like on the day before. I am nervous! But excited!
Sunday, July 18: Trip to Linlithgow. It seems a waste to take the train for 18 minutes, but the buses are unreliable. Soo...18 minutes on the train it is!
Saturday, July 24: Burns Day events in the morning (celebrating the death of Robert Burns) at Calton Hill; International Scouting Jamborette in Blair Atholl in afternoon. I am repping the Consulate at both events.
Sunday, July 25: 11-miler. ACK!
Thursday, July 29: Chinese Consulate event.
Saturday, July 31 - Monday, August 2: Oban trip
Monday, August 2: 7th month anniversary with Drew :)
Sunday, August 8: Trip to Stirling.
Friday, August 13: Last day at Consulate.
Saturday. August 14: Ho
Saturday, August 28: Patrick Henry Half Marathon, Ashland, VA. Drew's Birthday.
Saturday, September 17: Leave for grad school.

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  1. I like the order in which you list things like your parents first, then brother, and next come the animals, and finally the boyfriend, but he gets 4 exclamation points (lol). Mum