04 May 2010

To those who attempt to contact me this week: my phone is completely dead. Since we didn't get the warranty when we bought it, it is unlikely that I will be getting it repaired. Consider me off the grid for the foreseeable future.

Upcoming post:
1. My SMP Presentation
2. The struggle to write a 30-page paper in 48 hours.

Schedule for the next few days:
Wednesday, 5 May: Internship paper due
Thursday, 6 May: Work 730-930; midnight breakfast
Friday, 7 May: Bio Final 7915PM
Saturday, 8 May: Fort Meade Patriot Pride 5k 8AM
Sunday, 9 May: Work 11-5
Tuesday, 11 May: Work 730-930
Wednesday, 12 May: Senior Week! Beach Day
Thursday, 13 May: Senior Week! Alternative Gala
Friday,14 May: Senior Week! Family Picnic
Saturday, 15 May: GRADUATION
Sunday, 23 May: Leave for New York
Thursday, 27 May: Return from New York
Friday, 28 May: Leave for UK
Saturday, 14 August: Return from UK

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