02 January 2010

In two weeks time I will be able to come clean with my big news from early December. It is big!

Anyways, break is moving progressively forward. I've seen several of my favorite people, and still have a few more to see before school resumes. New Year's came and went with little fanfare. 2010: the year I graduate, the year I hop across the pond on a more permanent basis, the year of changes. I enter this year in a very happy state; life could not be better.

On the grad school front, I am finishing up my applications to Oxford (I still need to get my second writing sample, the Somalia paper, down to 2300 words from 10000 -- quite the task, and write my personal statement) and St. Andrew's (just waiting for SMCM to send me my transcript). Almost done...I can't wait.

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